Zero Alpha Fiber Optic Glow Sights for TM/ASG MK23

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Clip on TM/ASG MK23 fiber optic sights. They have been designed to clip on top of the original MK23 iron sights which are impractical and hard to use in game with dark environments and backgrounds. 

The products are professionally printed and finished, which means the fiber optic sights are super strong and durable, with a superb quality finish. 

The sights are secured to the MK23 slide using Epoxy Resin (applied to the designated underside of the sights) which secures them with immense strength to the slide. Making them semi permanently attached to the slide.


On the side of the rear fiber optic sight there is a 2mm Allen key storage holder which allows the MK23 TDC grub screw Allen key to be stored right on the sight in a very convenient and easily accessible place for the user to adjust the hop up in game. 

As well as this, the fiber optic sights not only brighten the sight picture for the user, the sights also raise the line of sight up, which allows the hop-up of the BB to be more factored in with the line of sight. As well as this, with suppressors like the Silverback MK23 suppressor, it extrudes over the standard iron sight which makes them useless to use. With the new fiber optics, they raise the line of sight so they can be used with any bulky suppressors used by the user. 

A single unit pack has the following items all included in the box. 

- Front fiber optic sight 

- Rear fiber optic sight 

- Colored rods (pre-installed) but can be changed by the user. 

- Small epoxy resins tubes (for securing sights) 

- 2mm Allen key (short style)